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Each of the Mr Spin Bingo rooms is themed around mobile slots and just like his exclusive games, they’re sure to leave you in a spin!

With prizes for One Line, Two Lines, a Full House, a room-specific progressive Jackpot AND a Bingo Mega Jackpot that spans all rooms, there have never been more prizes on offer with Mr Spin Bingo.

What are you waiting for? Choose your room, grab your ticket, and play Mr Spin Bingo today!

Mr Spin Bingo Prizes

In each and every game of 90-ball bingo, there are guaranteed prizes up for grabs!

Be the first player to mark One Line, Two Lines, or a Full House on any of your bingo tickets… and a cash prize is yours!

Exactly how much each of these prizes is will be displayed on screen as the game begins and will differ depending on how many tickets are in play at any one time. Keep an eye on the chatrooms – and your tickets! – your fellow players will shout up when they’re 1TG!

Winners will be announced on screen before the next ball is drawn.

These aren’t the only prizes up for grabs though…

Progressive Jackpots & Bingo Mega Jackpot

Mr Spin is a generous guy which is why each of his bingo rooms has its own, huge progressive Jackpot!

These massive prize pots rise and rise, and will keep getting bigger till one player wins the whole thing! And how do you win one? You need to get a Full House – that means marking off all 15 numbers – on any bingo ticket in 40 calls or less.

Believe it or not, these individual Jackpots aren’t the biggest ones you can win playing Mr Spin Bingo…

Mr Spin has also added a Bingo Mega Jackpot to ALL of his bingo rooms! This huge prize pot is shared across all rooms and can be won in any of them, with any ticket. This will be won when a player in ANY Mr Spin Bingo room gets a Full House in 31 numbers or less.

So eye’s down. It’s time to play Mr Spin Bingo and see what you win!