5 Amazing Circus Acts that Inspired Jackpot Big Top

5 Amazing Circus Acts that Inspired Jackpot Big Top

Published: Fri, 03 May 2019 by MrSpin

Here at Mr Spin, we love our classic game, Jackpot Big Top and so we’re here to share with you five of the best acts to have ever performed under the big top!

These acts may even be considered better than our progressive Mega Jackpot, but we certainly don’t think that! After all, the progressive Mega Jackpot is currently sitting at over £154,000 – imagine all the circus performances you could go to with that!

So come one, come all, and see for yourself the amazing acts that we’ve chosen…

The Great Lion Tamer

Isaac Van Amburgh was – simply put – the greatest lion tamer of the 19th century. While we don’t agree with the methods used to train his animals, we have to respect his courage and daring to even attempt such a feat!

Not only would he have the animals standing on his shoulders, but he’d ride on their backs, and act out scenes from the bible – often including a lamb and a child into the mix for added effect. Then, for the big finale, he would place his arm in-between the jaws of a lion. It’s easy to see why Queen Victoria favoured this performer! It must have been quite the show to see.

The World’s Greatest Bareback Rider

Next up is May Wirth who was born in 1894 and started horseback riding when she was only 10. She joined Barnum & Bailey’s circus and became the first woman to perform a series of acrobatic moves while on a moving horse.

Despite being only 4’11” she was strong, often showing her strength off to dazzled audiences all over America by leaping from one moving horse and onto another. For 25 years she was one of the circus’s top female performers, and was often in the limelight when it came to the gossip pages in the newspapers. She finally retired in 1937 and was made part of the Circus Hall of Fame in 1963.

Marvelous Mabel

Mable Stark is often hailed as the greatest female tiger trainer in history – or rather, the most attacked! Being only 5 feet tall, it’s not surprising to hear that her tigers knocked her down a few times, but the thing that helped with her fame was simply the fact that she always returned to the cages, no matter how hairy things got. Despite nearly losing her arm in 1928, she continued with her act weeks later, and went on to have 57 years as one of Ringling’s best performances.

Harry Houdini

Easily one of the most recognisable names in the list, it’s hard to believe that even Mr Houdini started off in a circus – the Welsh Brothers Circus in Pennsylvania, to be precise. In 1895, for 26 weeks only, he and his wife were an act there, performing their trick metamorphosis which involved him and his wife switching places in a locked trunk.

We all know of his expertise in escaping all types of impossible situations, and international stardom soon enough swept him away from the circus world – but everyone has to start somewhere, right?


Brought to New York by none other than PT Barnum himself in 1882, this gigantic elephant was a prequel to what would be hailed as ‘the greatest show on earth’. Standing at 12 foot at the shoulders, and weighing 6 ½ tons, it’s easy to see why Jumbo became a sensation!

Within six weeks, Jumbo raked in some jumbo-tastic profit for the circus group, rising their takings to the equivalent of $336k. The elephant was rewarded with his own private railroad car painted in crimson and gold; this was known as “Jumbo’s palace car” and belonged to him alone. Not a bad employee perk, especially after only 6 weeks! Way to go, Jumbo!

So there you have it. Our favourite acts! While these acts aren’t around for us to see, you can always try out our Jackpot Big Top mobile slots game instead, and get a taste of the circus life for yourself.

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