5 Canine Heroes to rival Dog Detectives

5 Canine Heroes to rival Dog Detectives

Published: Fri, 05 Jul 2019 by MrSpin

If you’ve been playing Dog Detectives recently, like us, it probably had you wondering about all the real help we’ve had from man’s best friend. So, Mr Spin thought he’d compile a list of dogs for you to admire and live up to! Isn’t he nice? It seems that, despite being a cat, Mr Spin is quite the canine enthusiast.


This brave German Shepard-Collie mix named Geo is perhaps the best puppy of them all. In 2012, 8 month old Geo saved the life of 10-year-old Charlie when an out of control truck veered towards him. Geo leapt forwards, knocked Charlie to safety and took the blow from the vehicle. The vehicle in question drove off without waiting to see who had been hit. Poor Geo suffered a broken leg, fractured spine and severe bruising, and was in surgery for five long hours. Despite facing bills in excess of £8,000 for Geo’s treatment, the family have claimed every penny to be worth it – and Mr Spin agrees!

Sergeant Stubby

Meet Sergeant Stubby – America’s most decorated war dog! Surprisingly little is known about this dog. He is thought to have been born around midway through World War I, and is considered a mutt of unknown origin – though usually described as a Bull Terrier or Boston Terrier mix. He started life as a stray, until 1917 where he found friendship with a group of soldiers. One of the soldiers by the name of Conroy took a liking to the stray, and gave him the name ‘Stubby’ for his short stature. Not only could Stubby salute upon command, but he took part in many battles while stationed overseas, and became the mascot for the 102nd Infantry Regiment in WWI. By the end of his service, Stubby was given the honorary title of ‘Sergeant’ for his service, which he kept until he passed in 1926.


Layka, a Belgian Malinois came under fire while scouting an escape route for her handler and comrades in Afghanistan. Once the ambush was over, brave Layka was rushed to emergency surgery, and while her life was saved, this courageous girl lost one of her legs. This meant the end of her service to the military and the beginning of her new life with her handler, who was full of gratitude for the lives the dog had saved. Despite roadblocks to the application to adopt process, Layka was successfully adopted and now enjoys her retirement in the company of her handler’s family.


Meet the superdog, Abbie, a Boston Terrier Mix who saved baby Benjamin’s life. Ben had a nasty case of acid reflux, and when the mother’s back was turned tending to her other child, baby Ben began to choke. Abbie began to prance around the swing where Ben was sat, barking and whining to get mum’s attention. This act saved Ben’s life, and now Abbie lives a life of treats and superhero capes! What a dog!


Last but not least, meet Rex, a German Shepard and the first ‘pay it forward’ dog. After being rescued by his humans from the mean streets in 2014, Rex took that example to heart. When, a year later, the dog came across a seemingly dead hummingbird, he refused to leave her side, prompting his humans to check closer. This prompted his owners to take her in, and nurse her back to health. Under their care, the hummingbird they dubbed Hummer, began to regain her strength and start to fly once more.

Now Rex has a friend for life in Hummer, who has stayed by his side ever since. Hummer will play with Rex, and even take a dip in his water bowl! This act of love really has come full circle, and while it’s expected that once Hummer has matured, she’ll fly away, for now they’re simply happy in her company!

How heroic are these pups? Definitely all deserving of a medal or two in Mr Spin’s eyes! If you happen to know any Dog Detectives though, why not tell us on Facebook?


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