Ancient Egyptian Superstitions at Mr Spin Online Casino

Ancient Egyptian Superstitions at Mr Spin Online Casino

Published: Thu, 16 Nov 2017 by Mr Spin

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The entirety of Mr Spin HQ have been walking round like an Egyptian now for a while now, we’ve gone all in with the Ancient Egyptian theme of The Mummy’s Purse!

Since its release at the end of October we’ve had a number of slots winners on our latest exclusive game and, while of course all slots games are based on chance, we wonder whether any of our big The Mummy’s Purse winners have had the help of any Ancient Egyptian superstitions?

Famed for their belief in myths and superstitions, Mr Spin has scaled the history books, and obviously the internet, for some of Ancient Egypt’s most famous superstitions – we wonder whether any of these made their way down to The Mummy’s Purse’s Cash Crypt?

Leaving Shoes Upside Down

A superstition that seems to have lived on in modern day Egypt, the discomfort of leaving shoes or flip flops upside down actually originated in Ancient Egypt.

Ancient Egyptians feared that leaving footwear upside down would insult the gods, for some reason, so if you’re settling in for some spins with The Mummy’s Purse we’d advise checking over your shoe cabinet!


One of the many common superstitions today that may have its origins in Ancient Egypt, it is thought that the concept of walking under a ladder bringing bad luck dates back to 3000 B.C. Egypt.

Ancient Egyptians actually saw ladders as omens of good luck, as they brought civilization closer to the gods.

While ladders themselves were seen as a good luck charm, leaning ladders formed a pyramid-like triangle which were completely sacred to the Ancient Egyptians.

Pyramids themselves were the realm of the gods and it was sacrilegious for commoners to enter this realm; hence a leaning ladder, which forms a pyramid-like triangle, should not be walked under as you’re disrespecting the realm of the gods!

Waking Suddenly

In modern times waking suddenly can be pretty annoying, especially if you’ve been rudely awoken from a good doze.
In Ancient Egypt though, being awoken suddenly was more than just a slight annoyance; they feared that waking someone suddenly could separate their soul from their body!

So, the next time your significant other rudely wakes you up in the morning, make sure you tell them that they’re lucky your soul didn’t scarper at the sudden disturbance!


The superstition around salt, and primarily the spilling of salt, has its roots in many cultures. The primary reason that spilling salt is supposed to bring bad luck was its historically high cost, so spilling any would be seen as a bad omen.

For the Ancient Egyptians specifically, salt had a higher purpose. Its use as a preservative meant that it was often present in the process of mummification, giving it a connection to immortality.

This connection to immortality means it was an even greater omen to spill any salt as – and we’re seeing a connection here – it could insult the gods.

The immortality angle is pretty creepy actually, we’ll find this one hard to shake the next time we’re liberally applying salt to our chips.

Turquoise Blue

Another common superstition that can be found in many cultures throughout history is turquoise blue being a good omen against the so called ‘evil eye’.

Even today it’s common to find Nazar amulets being sold in a shade of turquoise blue to fend off this supposed curse.

While turquoise itself, and the usage thereof, may have predated Ancient Egypt, some records suggest that the Ancient Egyptians were one of the first cultures to use and mine the mineral on mass; the region even allegedly became known as the Country of Turquoise.

Once again the belief that turquoise was a talisman for good fortune could be traced back to Ancient Egypt, as grave furnishings and pharaoh’s crypts were often adorned with the gem to ward off bad spirits.

Have any turquoise blue garments then Spinners? Maybe some jewellery adorned with turquoise blue? Playing The Mummy’s Purse with this in tow may just bring you some good fortune!

Black Cats

Forget black cats being a symbol of bad luck, the Ancient Egyptians believed the very opposite! We know that they may have been a nation of crazy cat lads and ladies but their love of black cats was something else altogether.

Bast, an Egyptian goddess, was styled as a sacred black cat and – in an attempt to please this supposed goddess of protection – many households would acquire a black cat in the hope that Bast would become part of their kitty in spirit, thus bringing protection and other good fortune on the household.

Maybe it’s time to let your poor black cat out of the other room while you’re playing slots, they might not be a bad omen after all.


It can’t be said that the Ancient Egyptians weren’t trend setters, as well as forming a whole bunch of superstitions still observed today they also created mascara!

It’s not like they could pop down to the big brand pharmacist to get their make-up fix, but they did create kohl – history’s first ever form of mascara.

We’ve all seen those pictures of Cleopatra looking fabulous adorned with eye make-up that’d make Hollywood jealous, but there’s a deeper meaning to their adoption of this early trend.

Sadly looking fleek wasn’t their only motivation and it is believed that the Ancient Egyptian created kohl as their very own protection against the aforementioned evil eye.

So, now you’ve sorted out your shoe cupboard; removed all ladders from a leaning position; awoken of your own accord; been careful with the salt; dressed your house in turquoise blue; adopted a bunch of black cats; and liberally applied mascara it’s time to get spinning with The Mummy’s Purse!

Do you have any of your own slot superstitions Spinners? Do you have processes you have to follow by the letter before you start spinning? Let us know on the Mr Spin Facebook page!

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