Explore Mr Spin’s Lucky Garden!

Explore Mr Spin’s Lucky Garden!

Published: Wed, 19 Jun 2019 by MrSpin

You might not find all of these flowers in Mr Spin’s Lucky Garden, but you might well find some blooming big wins! Mr Spin’s been trying, but some flowers are just too rare for even him to get hold of. They’re so obscure, you’ve probably never seen most of these in a picture, let alone in the flesh… And flesh is more relevant than you think here, but we’ll get to that later.

These flowers might be rare because they have very specific habitats, we humans have ravaged them to near extinction, or they just really suck at propagating themselves. Most of the time, it’s a mixture and man is usually involved… but we’ll brush right on past that and get into the 5 weird and wonderful flowers we’ve been banging on about!

1. Nocturnal activity

In the depths of the Sri Lankan rainforest, in the darkest hours of the night, something incredible sometimes appears. The Kadupul flower is a night-blooming cactus that is extraordinarily difficult to find, and even tougher to witness. Most photographs of its pearly petals require weeks of waiting, attending to the plant every night – if you can find one!

The bloom only ever survives for a few hours, so the window to get a snap is stupidly small. Because it is so rare and flowers so shortly, the Kadupul has never actually been sold. But if it was worth putting up the dosh, you could expect it to go for tens of millions of pounds…

2. Middlemist-erious

The bright red bloom of Middlemist’s Red originally hailed from China. But thanks to over-enthusiastic English horticulturalists, the flower is now extinct in China. Gone, vanished, kaput, no more! The only place it now exists is within a couple of of greenhouses. As few as 2 plants are likely still living. Way to go, us…

3. Flowers for your feet

The yellow and purple lady slipper might sound pretty innocuous, but you’d be hard-pushed to find a pair of these in the wild. You won’t find them in a shoe-cupboard, but in a solitary spot on a golf course here in the UK. There are more abroad in Europe, but only one plant remains in England. They’re so named because their shape resembles a slipper, but please don’t tread on these. Even a small cutting can be worth up to £5000!

4. A rose by any other name…

The Juliet Rose is a built-for-purpose plant in that it was cultivated over 15 years at tremendous expense, all to create something that was sure to look good (and cost a bomb). The peach-coloured petals debuted in 2006 at the Chelsea Flower Show and have been sought after by the wealthy as wedding ornaments ever since. We’re sure the estimated £3 million to create them was worth every penny…

5. Bigger isn’t always better

The Titan Arum or Corpse Flower is the world’s biggest bloom, and one of the rarest flowers in the world. It’s so scarce because in the wild it relies on a very specific type of vine in order to survive. Remember we said flesh would be relevant? Well the Corpse Flower gets its name because when in bloom, its powerful scent resembles that of rotting flesh. In the wild, this attracts flies for pollenation purposes. In the greenhouse, this makes people run away.

And that concludes Mr Spins list of some of the world’s rarest flowers! This is by no means a comprehensive compilation (we’re far too good at making plants extinct for that!) but perhaps we will return with a part 2 soon? In the meantime, get your flowery fix and cross your fingers for a win bigger than a Corpse Flower in Lucky Garden mobile slots!

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