What is a Supernova Anyway? And other Super-Cool Space Facts!

What is a Supernova Anyway? And other Super-Cool Space Facts!

Published: Fri, 24 May 2019 by MrSpin

Ever since the launch of Supernova Crush mobile slots, Mr Spin has become rather obsessed with outer space, and who can blame him? It’s a fascinating subject, full of incredible facts about what lies beyond the little blue planet we call home.

So, fellow space nerds, let’s take a look at some of the most mind-blowing phenomena that you might encounter if you join Mr Spin on his latest intergalactic adventure.

1. Supernova

As you may have guessed, this is Mr Spin’s absolute favourite! He was so inspired by the concept of a supernova, he turned it into a brand new feature for his latest game. A supernova is what occurs when a star reaches the end of its life. This can be an explosion or an implosion, but it’s always incredibly powerful.

Mr Spin has recreated that phenomenal power with his Supernova symbol! If you’re lucky enough to spin one in, it will explode and take out all of the other symbols around it. That leaves room for new ones to take their place, potentially earning you an extra win! What a superstar.

2. Pulsar

A pulsar is what’s left behind after a supernova has occurred. It’s the core of the exploded star, spinning rapidly and continually, a bit like the reels of Supernova Crush! A pulsar throws out beams of light at regular intervals, creating a pulse. Some have mistaken this for attempts at communication from far-away alien neighbours, but sadly the truth is far more science fact than science fiction.

3. Black Hole

Here’s another cool outer-space phenomena caused by the death of a star. When huge stars – ones even larger than our sun, which is fairly massive – run out of fuel, they may collapse under extreme gravitational force. Gravity within the black hole becomes so strong that not even light can escape, which is how a black hole gets its name.

Due to the absence of light, they’re almost impossible to see, but a black hole was recently photographed for the first time in history, thanks in part to an algorithm developed by Katie Bouman.

4. Nebula

A nebula is something that can be another by-product of Mr Spin’s favourite space phenomena, the supernova. After a star explodes, it can leave a huge cloud of dust and gas, drifting around in outer-space. Nebulas can also occur when brand new stars are beginning to form, earning them the rather sweet nickname of ‘star nurseries’. In this case, all of that dust and gas is slowly pulled together by gravity until it collapses, causing enough heat at its centre to give life to a new star. Amazing, right?

5. Quasar

According to everyone’s best pal, Wikipedia, a quasar is “an extremely luminous active galactic nucleus”. None the wiser? You’re not alone. Apparently what that means is, put simply, a very very bright thing in space. Scientists think they may be powered by supermassive black holes (like the one Muse sang about) in the centre of distant galaxies. Don’t worry though, you’re not about to be dazzled by looking at the night sky. The nearest quasars are so far away, they look like any other star to us.

Feeling inspired by Mr Spin’s space facts? Take Supernova Crush for a spin and see how many of the space sensations you recognise on the reels.

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