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Bonnie And Clyde features

Step back to the gun-toting Wild West and score a big cash spree

Spin your slots and win your big bucks while escaping the police in our car-chase themed reels, Bonnie & Clyde – Jackpot Jailbreaks! Revel in the ragtime and fend off the fuzz to speed off with a mega win! This game comes with an amazing 20 winlines to play on, giving you loads of opportunity to line up the winning icons. Match up as little as two icons on a line and you’ll get sorted out with a cut of your gang’s takings!

Why Play Bonnie And Clyde - Jackpot Jailbreaks?
  • Incredible 20 winlines to play with
  • Play from just 2p a line
  • Two minigames to try and boost those bonuses!
  • Welcome bonus for signing up to Mr Spin
  • 100% of first deposit matched!
  • Download for free and playable on 99% of devices
Special Features

Bonnie & Clyde comes with an exciting gamble feature. You can set the game to gamble any time you win on a winline, or when you win over a specific amount or not at all!

If you go to the gamble screen, a wheel of cards will pop up. You can pick individual cards or adjacent cards from the outside edge, or select a pre-determined multiplier combination from the centre. The box in the bottom right will tell you how much you could win if you win your spin. If you land on the green card, the policeman, you’ll go to a second wheel, with two possible outcomes – you will either get caught and lose your stake, or go free, and take what you came in with. Of course, if you choose not to gamble at all, before spinning the first wheel, hit the Exit + Collect button in the top left of the screen and you’ll drive off with what you’ve won.

Along with all of that, the game also has a Most Wanted minigame, where you can grab yourself a big multiplier! Firstly spin the reel to find a fugitive – they all have a multiplier reward attached to them. Whichever one it lands on, that’s the prize you’ll get. Once you’ve done that, spin the three reels of fugitives to find the rest of the gang. Find any number between one and three of them, and you’ll be rewarded even more handsomely!

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