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Meet Mr Spin’s expert team of canine coppers! Dog Detectives are on the case in our completely barking slots. Spin your way through fire hydrants, biscuits and tennis balls and meet the pup patrol on your way to a win.

There are 15 winlines to play with, giving you loads of opportunities to match up as little as two icons on a line. The more icons, the more you’ll win, and spin five golden paw coins for a juicy jackpot!

Why Play Dog Detectives
  • 15 winlines to play with
  • Spin from just 2p a line
  • Two minigames to try and boost those bonuses!
  • Welcome bonus for signing up to Mr Spin
  • 100% of first deposit matched!
  • Download for free and playable on 99% of devices
Doggy Toys

Dogs love to play games so it’s no wonder they’ve brought two minigames to their slots with them!

Tail Trail – An assortment of clues has been left. Press the Move button to cycle through the icons in the magnifying glass. Sniff your way around the socks, the hydrant, the nibbles, and follow the trail to the sneaky cat at the end! Stop and investigate as many things as you can and accumulate huge multipliers. But don’t get distracted by the squirrel! Spot the squirrel in the magnifying glass and the game will end as your trusted canine gives chase!

Feline Felons – The dastardly cats have been rounded up and thrown into a pawlice line-up. Each one of them hides either a tasty multiplier treat… or nothing! You only get one choice, so pick your kitty criminal wisely and you could be strolling away with a huge bonus!

They know how to fetch, and could fetch you an enormous win!

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