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Dog Detectives Online Slots

This is the pawlice! Put your hands where we can see them! This is Dog Detectives from Mr Spin; the pawsome mobile slots game where you could win yourself some serious canine cash. Trust us, you’ll be like a dog with a bone when you play.

Dog Detectives features 15 win lines, two mongrel mini-games and a huge progressive Jackpot that you'd have to be barking mad to miss out on. They say that every dog has it's day. Is today your day to win some doggy dosh?


In the neighborhood when cats rule the roost, there's only one way to stop them and throw them in the dog house. You need to call the Dog Detectives. These canine coppers are experts at sniffing out the clues - and some barking bucks along the way - and making sure those crazy cats are brought to justice. Grab your magnifying glass, it's time to follow the clues and hunt down a win.


Dog Detectives features two mini-games that will really get your tail wagging. There's some serious doggy dosh to be won in these games, and each is entered when you line up two or more mini-game symbols on an active win line.

In Feline Felons, you're faced with a Rouge's Gallery of pesky puss's. These troublesome tabbies have been up to no good and you've finally collared them, but they may have one more trick up their paw. Choose a cat from the line up to show what's on their card. If it's a multiplier, you win it! If It says 'Lose' you exit to the reels empty handed.

Next up, there's Tail Trail. Press the 'Move' ball to spin the magnifying glass. If you spin an item, you move to it and win the multiplier show above every item you move to. Reach the cat and the end for the mega multiplier. Land on a squirrel though, and you'll exit back to the reels with whatever prizes you’ve accumulated.


It could be raining riches - not cats and dogs! - in this canine caper, exclusive to Mr Spin, and we just know you’ll think it’s tail-riffic. With 15 win lines and a massive progressive Jackpot, you could bag some serious doggy dosh in this mobile slots game. Why not give it a try from just 2p a spin, or for free in 'Demo' mode?

Getting started with this pawsome game couldn’t be easier. Simply choose the number of win lines you want to play, how much you want to bet per line and hit 'Spin'. Your cost per spin is calculated for you and displayed in game. For example, if you played on 10 of the win lines and bet 50p a line, your spin would cost you £5.


Dog Detectives mobile slots by Mr Spin is the dog’s…. well, you get the idea! It’s compatible with 99% of mobile devices, and you can deposit in game in just 30 seconds. You can pay by phone bill PayPal, credit or debit card, and you can deposit from £3.

Help collar those crazy cats and open an account with Mr Spin today. When you do, you'll receive a sign up bonus of £5* - no deposit required - and we'll also match 100% of you first deposit*. What are you waiting for? Join today!

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