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Jackpot Big Top features

Roll up, roll up! We’ve got the most in-tents slots game going in the Jackpot Big Top!

See the clowns of coins, the lion tamers of luck and the jugglers of jackpots. There’s always plenty of fun and games at the circus and Jackpot Big Top is no exception! There are two minigames to play, with the potential to come out of the show with a pocket full of pennies.

Why Play Jackpot Big Top?
  • 15 winlines to play with
  • Spin from just 2p a line
  • Two minigames to try and boost those bonuses!
  • Welcome bonus for signing up to Mr Spin
  • 100% of first deposit matched!
  • Download for free and playable on 99% of devices
Circus Sideshows

Fearless Fortuni – The Big Top resident lion tamer doesn’t know the meaning of fear, and has four massive lions to try and deal with. Happily, they also come with massive multipliers! Pick a lion to play for their multiplier, but the bigger you go, the harder they are to tame! Spin the wheel and land in the green zone to win and accumulate bonuses! The more icons you’ve landed on, the more chances you’ll have to spin a success.

Mirth Mobile – One of those hilarious clown cars has driven into the arena… but how many clowns are inside? Take a guess and you could be driving that mirth mobile off with a big bonus. The higher you guess, the higher your multiplier will be. If fewer clowns come out the car than you’ve guessed, you’ll go away with nothing and the game will end. If more clowns emerge, you’ll win the multiplier selected. If you get the number of clowns exactly right, you’ll walk off with the massive bonus multiplier as well!

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