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Monkey Kong features

It's a brand new game from Mr Spin!

You'll go ape over our awesome slots game by Mr. Spin - meet Monkey Kong!

Why Monkey Kong

Monkey Kong comes with a minigame of his own! In Cash Dash, you're tasked with rescuing our heroine, captured and trapped at the top of some platforms - spin your way up the scaffolding to get to her, accumulating multipliers as you go! For each coin you pass, the multiplier will be added to your total, so an absolutely monster multiplier will be yours if you get all the way to the end! Trying to stop you are Venus Fly Traps, poisonous frogs, venomous snakes and exploding barrels - avoid the lot and get to the end and a baboon-sized bonus will be yours!

There are 15 winlines to play on and you can play from just 2p a line. So, for example, if you choose to play on 10 lines at 10p a line, each spin will cost £1. You can hit the deposit banana in the main screen to deposit into your account, or you can deposit by phone bill if you'd prefer! Hit the autospin barrel to send the reels spinning by themselves - you can set the autospins to stop automatically when your balance hits a certain amount or when you win a specific amount of your choosing.

Get in the swing of things with Mr. Spin and let Monkey Kong spin you a winner! You'll be going bananas!

Monkey Kong Basics

This gorilla game is the perfect remedy to get the monkey off your back! Let Monkey Kong spin the reels for you and line up matching members of the Kong family to win big bonuses! Keep an eye out for Power Sauce and the Power Plant symbols, which have massive wins attached to them if you spin a few of these, and as ever, watch out for the Jackpot symbols! Line five of those up on any valid winline and you'll be swinging off with an unbelievable windfall!

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