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Slots of the Dead features

Nothing should stop you from playing our excellent, unique games here at Mr Spin. Not even a zombie apocalypse. In preparation for the looming rise of the undead, prepare yourself with some cash!

Hit spin and fire off a shot to destroy the zombies on the winlines! Every zombie that rises from the grave could be worth loads - line up matching zombies on valid winlines and you could have a fortune on your delicious fresh human meat hands.

Why Play Slots of the Dead
  • Amazing 20 winlines to play with
  • Spin from just 2p a line
  • An awesome minigame to try and boost those bonuses!
  • Welcome bonus for registering
  • First deposit matched by 100%
  • Free to download
  • Playable on 99% of all devices
Slots of the Dead Basics

There is a minigame with Slots Of The Dead - keep an eye out for the zombie who holds a TV up from beyond the grave. A couple of those in a row will take you to the Tooled Up minigame! In Tooled Up, you have one line to spin on and you have two goals - either spin three matching weapons, or spin some food! 1, 2 or 3 lots of food will give you more. You'll get more spins on the TV depending on how many minigame icons you managed to spin! The more spins you get, the more multipliers you could win! There are some big bonuses available in Tooled Up!

There is also a gamble feature - if active, a win will take you to the gambling wheel where you can double or even treble your winnings! If you don't want to gamble, you can exit the wheel with what you have by pressing Collect. You can turn the gamble feature off altogether on the main screen, or have it only come into play when you win above a set amount. (The gamble feature is not available on wins of over £1,000).

There are a massive 20 winlines to play on and you can play from as little as 2p per line! And remember, that if you sign up to Mr Spin you'll get 50 free spins as a welcoming gift! Get ready to fight off the zombie invasion, and take away a sackful of riches as you do it!

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