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Not content with providing players with free games on mobile and tablet; Mr Spin provides all its slots apps free to download for all iPhone and Android players. The Mr Spin games can be downloaded straight to your phone, allowing you to sign up and receive your free spins within a matter of minutes. Optimised for fast download and great gameplay, Mr Spin slots apps can’t be found anywhere else.

Mr Spin knows that slots players love easy access to their games. That’s why once downloaded, all the Mr Spin apps can be open and played at the tap of your phone screen.

New Casino and Slots Apps

With new slots apps being released every month, Mr Spin gives players 30 free spins when they download the latest game to their phone. All the Mr Spin apps are built and designed by Mr Spin’s in-house team of designers and developers. As a result the games cannot be found anywhere else. Unlike many other online casinos that depend on games and apps from third party developers, Mr Spin designs games based on the enjoyment and needs of players. Download anyone of the Mr Spin slots apps and enter a world of free spins, mini games and delightful gameplay. All Mr Spin apps contain mini games full of multipliers and chances to win big.

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